25 de abril 1974...2013

This Babel we talked about the origins of 25 de abril as Portugal's National Holiday comemorating the revolution and the militar - yet non-violent victory over the "estado novo" regime of Salazar's heirs.

Find out more on this topic in Coimbra...

...at Centro de Documentação do 25 de Abril: they«re organizing informational events, conduct research and provide general help with the topic.

They also published an online available chronicle of the event itself with an explanation for their occurrance, in case there are more unanswered questions resulting from our show.


Mar Fechado // Semana Cultural Brasileira

The Migration in the Mediterranean topic is closely linked to the movie "Mare Chiuso" (=Closed Sea), a documentary about an incident involving Italian immigration policies and Libya in 2009.

It is shown for free with a following debate with various people involved in the topic at Casa das Caldeiras on the 18th of April 1013 at 16.30h.

The soundtrack - which we also used on our show as background music is availiable for download here.


Also featured on our show were parts of the organization team of the Week of Brazilian Culture, which is embedded in the Cultural Week of Universidade de Coimbra with the general topic "being of water" (=ser de água). You can find the program here.



If you're curious to discover more about all those events and organizations, we assembled some useful links for you:

UC MUN 2013

NMUN - an international MUN event with a lot of prestige




AIESEC in Portugal


AIESEC worldwide

Cultural Events 04/04/2013

The upcoming weeks, there are lots of cultural events coming up...so you wont get a chance to get bored, even if it's raining.


What? Festival Santos da Casa
When? April 5th to 24th
And that is... our dear colleages at RUC from Santos da Casa (a show with Portuguese music) are   organizing this festival to showcase the wide range of bands that are from Portugal. It will include various concerts over this time, starting on Friday, 5th, with a Hip-Hop show from Coimbra's own Ruze Soldado Zeru and Capicua from Porto at States Club around midnight. Entry costs 5€. At the aftershow party, the RUC DJs from Suburbano will heat up the dancefloor!

What? Blues & Beyond
When? April
And that is... the month of April at Salão Brazil is entirely dedicated to new ways of interpreting Blues. It started yesterday with Caustic Roll Dave, for all the showcases check their events page, and make sure to get your tickets! The prices are ranging from 10€ for an all-show ticket, 8€ for a weekend ticket to 3€ for a one-show ticket.


What? Festival do Cinema Italiano 2013
When? till April 5th
And that is... After the French film festival, now Italian cinema is coming to Coimbra. Don't miss their final showings, to get a better insight in Italy's florishing new cinema scene and soul. Ticket prices are 3€ for students, and 12€ the general ticket for all shows.


Feira do Livro Solidária - 2th to 14th of April - Centro Comercial Atrium Solum

Concursos da Queima das Fitas

XV Semana Cultural da Universidade de Coimbra