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Coimbra is a great place to spend your Erasmus life...especially if you are considering to travel, thanks to its position, well linked to many different destinations!
If you have already been visiting Porto, Lisboa, Braga and the other major sites in Portugal and are willing of adventure, you need just to buy a ticket, ride for 40 km by bus from Coimbra and start the adventure in Talasnal.

This tiny cute village is placed up on a mountain that stands on the territory of Lousã. Known as one of the aldeias do xisto in that area, from the name of a kind of stone used to build its houses, has become a nice attractiveness for the ones who love to spend weekends into the wild, relax and...walks! Indeed, it hosts the “club de montanha e caravanismo de Coimbra” and offers paths in the middle of the wood that link Talasnal to the other rural villages, like Vaqueirinho e Cataredor. After walking 4 km among the trees on a path all covered by leaves with the colours of the Autumn, you’ll be surrounded by the hippie’s atmosphere of the Fim do Mundo, a little, very simple bar in the middle of nowhere, but really cozy, thanks to the hospitality of Pedro (its ooold hippie owner) and his great reserve of beers! ;)

After the break and full of new energies, you can complete your walk to Cataredor (other 3 km more or less), where of course you’ll need another stop! Ask to the few people who still live into the homes made of xisto for Fantasia, the hippie disco-pub of the village...if it’s on weekend, it will be easy to find a concert or a party going on in the night!


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