Cultural Agenda 19/12/2012

When? Friday, December 21st (23h)
Where? à Capella (Rua Corpo de Deus)
 What? "Entre o Tango e o Fado", show about exactly these two musical registers. Hosted by Joao Gentil, a great singer, quite famous in Coimbra, special guests include Rita Marques and Nuno Silva will sing tangos. It's a great chance to discover the mix of these traditional music styles!

When? Friday, December 21st (21:30h)
Where? Sala Arte à Parte (Rua Fernandes Tomás 29)
What? A concert by Azevedo Silva, a famous Portuguese author and singer/songwriter. The entry is 4,- € and all the money raised will be donated to Associacao Integrar. So, if you want to spend a good time and also help the needy, here's to you! 
(Remember, Christmas is about sharing, too!)

When? Saturday, December 22nd (16h)
Where? Salao Nobre da Cámara Municipal de Coimbra
What? Traditional Christmas songs showcased by the Coro dos Pequenos Cantores de Coimbra and the Coro do Colégio Bissaya Barreto. The entry is free, so don't miss the chance to see one of Portugal's most prestigious choirs, with a history dating a long way back, live.

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