On the road pt. 2

Following you will find useful links to last show's topic of travelling and some pictures to give you a little bit of wanderlust. But then, isn't Erasmus all about exploring new horizons and pushing your comfort zone to new, beautiful experiences?

First, the website that shows the different ways to Fátima our guest mentioned is availiable via Rota do Peregrino . Here you cannot only get specific information for your own trip, but also check out further information and have everything related to the topic of Fátima and pilgrimage edited and collected.

Speaking of information... you also might want to read the legend of the miracle of Nazaré, in case our show made you curious. Since nothing is more reliable for students than our good friend Wikipedia, here's to you!

Finally, to end with a bit of "opticalisation" of our show, Marina decided to pick some of the pictures that give a bit of an impression of her awesome trip to Talasnal. Following you get a little insight and hopefully our goal of giving you antsy pants is reached!

Tiny street in Talasnal

Pedro, a GREAT bar owner in Vaquerinho

Aldeia de xisto (= houses made of slate, very typical for the Central region of Portugal)

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