Pieces of Brazil in Coimbra

Native from that beautiful country across the Atlantic Ocean, Renan checked out Coimbra for us in search of places where you can get a cheaper insight than by buying a flight and for all Brazilian exchange students places to keep them up when overwhelmed by homesickness.

Here are some tips to where we all can find some Brazilian way of life here in Coimbra.



– It’s a classical place to find ‘churrasco’, a delicacy from the south of Brazil.

Where? Fórum Coimbra

Restaurante Brasil

 – Nothing can be more typical than a restaurant with Brazil in its name and placed in the Brazil Street.

Where? Rua do Brasil, 530

A Brasileira 

– This is a famous place in Coimbra, installed in 1928, closed its doors in ’55 and re-opened for us to enjoy their fantastic coffees!

Where? Rua Ferreira Borges 124



– It’s a group for Brazilian researchers here in Coimbra, where you can go and find all the help a Brazilian may need, and also they have an overview on Brazilian's activities here at university.

Where? Rua da Ilha 1

by Renan

Further you can check out the website for the Ano do Brasil em Portugal for all kinds of events connected with Brazil, its culture or its relation to the former "mother country" Portugal

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