What to do for New Year's Eve in Coimbra?

There are various events to attend, we picked a few for you lot, staying there, so you can have a nice passing of the year in the beautiful city of Coimbra - or on a trip to Lisbon, maybe?

(Of course all events are on december, 31st, except the ones with differing details given.)

Where? Centro Norton de Matos (Coimbra)
What? From 28th to 31st, there are going to take place different workshops and concert of European music and dance, finishing off in a great presentation on the last day of 2012 - (for further information: http://www.passagem-de-ano.net/)
How much? An over-all ticket for all days is 50€, but it is possible to buy single tickets for single concerts and/or workshops.

Where? Aqui Base Tango (Coimbra)
What? Aqui Base Tango is a concept bar/club/café in Coimbra, and offers a special New Year's Eve celebration for you. The festivities start around 22.30h and signing up for a table is possible by sending an email to junglepolis[at]gmail.com

Also many hotels offer New Year's Eve parties, you can just google that and choose according to your preferences.

Or why not going on a little trip to the capital? Lisbon holds a great deal of festivities for you: the bonfires and public spaces where many people go to celebrate are at Parque das Nacoes, Torre de Belém and Praca do Comercio.
Hotels do offer parties, too and the Casino is organizing their annual celebration.

Or staying a bit more close to Coimbra, Figueira da Foz is hosting a free "Passagem do Ano" at the beach. They're having DJ sets, bonfires and fireworks, concerts and a lot more. And it's on the beach!

Happy New Year and see you in 2013!

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