Festas and Santos Populares

This edition we talked to Frei Domingos from Italy and asked him loads of questions about the tradition of Festas and Santos Populares. Below you find some of our preparational links - unfortunately (depends on your point of view - might also be fotunately) they're almost all in Portuguese.

A rather unspecified definition of "Festa Popular": http://pt.wikipedia.org/wiki/Festa_popular

A list of all Festas Populares in Portugal, more focused on the regional and local ones: http://pt.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anexo:Lista_das_principais_festas_e_romarias_de_Portugal

Touristic page with all the dates for 2012 and a short description, easy to read: http://www.destinoslusos.com/2012/05/festas-populares-2012-em-portugal.html

Actually a children's page but very nice to read and with all the basic background information: http://www.junior.te.pt/servlets/Bairro?P=Portugal&ID=483

Wikipedia about St. John's celebration and June festivities and their origins:

Also a touristic page, can be interesting but won't add much to your already gained knowledge:

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