What a Champions League player must be

By: Pedro Girao, ESN Coimbra Communication manager

You are entering the field hearing the Champions League hymn. The fans sing “You will never walk alone” to support your team. Looking around you can find two or three people with posters asking you to give them your t-shirt… what a great ambience in this Champions League match!

The match starts and you badly realize that your dream came true: you are now playing the Champions League. You have a team who will fight from the first until the last minute to win the championship!
Well, it’s better to stop dreaming… let me be honest with you: it will not happen during your Erasmus Champions League in Coimbra. There won’t be millions of fans supporting you nor posters asking for your t-shirt. But once you are there you will understand that you already have a team, a group of people who will do the best to enjoy this Champions League from the first match til the final victory!

You will probably understand that some of the players you have on your team would be more successful as singers or dancers than they are as football players – and they don’t even know how to sing or to dance! You can even find that it will be impossible to win the tournament with such a bad group of players …
At the end of the tournament you can have lost all the matches… but you will want to have a team dinner and, which is more, you will have a new group of friends.

And suddenly you realize that all those football players – the good and the bad ones – are already your team. And that they will be there until the end of your Erasmus in Coimbra. 
Ah… do you know your fat goalkeeper? Well… he won’t save any goal during the tournament but he will be the best guy drinking beer, wine and shots. He will be THE MAN in your team-dinner, in your first hang out together and during the ESN parties!
Yes, there will only be one team winning the tournament. But at least you will be able to say, when you come back home, that you have played the Champions League at least once! And that you’ve played with the only (fat) goalkeeper that have never failed a penalty in Coimbra!

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