Brazilian Christmas traditions

 Although this year, he's going to travel Europe, our own Renan Becker is going to introduce you to some Brazilian Christmas traditions and customs. And shares his special Christmas moment with us.

The night before Christmas to me it’s a moment when my close relatives (mommy, daddy and my brother) stay together inside our home in Porto Alegre (in the south of Brazil), to eat a special dinner made by my parents, called “Ceia de Natal”. After the dinner and after midnight we give presents to which other.

But when I was a kid I remember to spend that night with all my cousins and uncles and aunts in my grandma’s house on the beach. After the dinner, you know, “the old man dressed in red” used to come to our house and give us the presents. This awesome guy is for us “Papai Noel”. As we don’t have kids in the family anymore (we are all grown ups or teenagers now) we don’t have more the pleasure to meet Santa Claus (actually I thinks it’s better,because in Brazil on the 25th of December is very hot and that poor man would really suffer if he has to wear those red hot cloths!) Well, maybe not yet, but viewed that my little cousin is now 1 year old, it could happen to see again the good “Papai Noel” back to our house! And I hope that the one who’s going to be Santa Claus for the new generations (and have to wear that hot cloths), won’t be me!!!
Besides the fact that in Brazil Christmas is a really strong christian holiday, everybody enjoys the feeling of being together with the ones who love more.

The happiest moment in the Christmas season to me it’s always been preparing the Christmas Tree with my Mom. Every single year we both do it together or with my brother too, and we usually put the same decorations everytime, but the fun we have doing that is always different!


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