German "Weihnachten"

Here's a short introduction to what Christmas is like in the (some say so) "mothercountry" of Christmas - Germany.

Usually, Christmas preparations start in the end of november, beginning of december, with all the traditional Christmas markets opening. There, every evening people go and buy little presents to store till Christmas, drink hot wine or alcohol-free punch and eat little biscuits (families also make these biscuits at home, there are hundreds of different recipes, butter cookies, chocolate sticks, with marmelade, with almonds, ...)

On Christmas itself, the main action is happening on the evening of december, 24th:
Families gather with their relatives, the Christmas tree's lights are turned on and the presents are given to the respective destinators after a festive dinner and singing Christmas carols.

The dinner can be different, but it is very common to have fried sausages or sausages in general and potato salad (that's weird, isn't it? Doesn't sound too festive...).
But there are so many different possibilities on how to make a potato salad, sure it is possible to enter some variation!

Many people (although they're not really practicing Christians) also go to church and celebrate part of their festive season there. Churches are far more crowded with people during this time than during the rest of the year.

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