Feliz Navidad in Spain!

Ezequiel introduces us to his traditional Christmas in Spain in the following article.

A typical Spanish Christmas Eve needs to have a good dinner with the family. We usually have seafood on the table, and "Cocido de pelotas" or lamb.

Would you like to know what the cocido is? It’s simple! This dish is made with turkey meat, vegetables and other meats, all into a pot, cook over a low heat for three hours and ready! Easy, isn't it? 

Of course, everything needs on the side a good  Spanish wine, could be rosé, red or white, it doesn’t matter the colour! But the best comes at the end... desserts! All hand-made by my mom, my aunts and my  grandmother: mantecados, polvorones, turrón, cordials, mazapán moratallero, and so on.
I have to say one important thing! In Spain, Santa Claus doesn’t exist! We only receive presents in January the 6th by the Three Wise Men, in Spanish "Los tres reyes magos", Melchor, Gaspar and Baltasar. For this reason, Spanish kids have to wait a few days more.
Also, it’s very typical to decorate the houses with the crib, belén or nacimiento in Spanish. They’re little figures that show nativity scenes, but nowadays we have the Christmas tree, too.

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