Summer activities PART II - Culture

But summer is not only about having fun outside doing sports - you can also enjoy yourself doing something inside or visiting some place without praticing a real sportive activity. Here is a brief resumé what we might suggest (apart from travelling Portugal and Europe):

  • Learn a language: FLUC is offering various language courses, in case you haven't had the time to learn Portuguese until now, take the opportunity and sign up! Inscriptions are open until end of May and the course is going to take place in July. Get more information here.
  • Take part in a summer school program: the European Union are offering in partnership with different universities a summer school program for future engineers called BEST. In Aveiro, there's going to be one called "EdYouCation - Raise your hand, make a change". More information here. But not only far far away summer schools are happening - UC is organizing events, too. And luckily not only for engineering students, almost every faculty has its own offers. To stay up to date with these, look for posters in the buildings and check the online overview from DRI here.
  • Go to Porto: from 23rd to 24th of June, Porto is hosting the "Festa do São João" (St. John Celebration) - although with a Christian name, its origin is also in Pagan beliefs - thus leading to people having plastic hammers there, garlic and hot air balloons. Throughout the whole city, especially the parts of Fontainhas, Miragaia, Massarelas with their small squares, streets, and "becos", but also at sunrise up to the Foz do Douro, barbecues, concerts, parties, dances and much more are taking place - try the sardines and meat!
  • QUEIMA DAS FITAS! Do I have to write more? I guess everything making you go there has already been said - just two more recommendations: the documentary in Portuguese from news channel SIC "Mãe, estou na Queima de Coimbra" and the indie thriller "Rasganço", the fictional story of a rapist fighting against the Academic traditions here. But be assured - it's pure fiction!

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