This blog post is about Portuguese music. However we are not going to talk about Fado or not even about bands from Coimbra. ( That does not mean you should not check them out, try looking for Sensible Soccers and Bunnyranch for example.)

This blog post is about Portuguese hiphop! Yes, we know, hiphop must be the same in every country. The same macho attitude and same topics from sex, fame and money, swag and biiitc.... girls, that is. But Portugese hiphop is different, since rappers can not rap about money! Portugal has one of the most severe economical crisis in Europe! Fame? It depends! Definitely Orelha Negra with Sam the Kid, Regula can rap about that, since their song Solteiro hit over one milion views on youtube.


When one checks this video, he or she has to agree portuguese can not rap about biiit..., 'cause they have such a beautiful women. Astonishing, breath-taking, inspiring, stylish queens. The extranzeiro who is writing this post is sure that portuguese women are the most beautiful women in the world. Why?

Because... they have sense of music and wide interest in it. Maybe the yes lies in the way they dress and how they behave themselves so modestly. Maybe the reason lies in their melancholic eyes or how they carry themselves, or how they treat their family and friends. One becomes jealous towards the reciepents of those hugs... Maybe it is the way they gallantly roll their tobacco. Maybe it is the way their hair smell in the early spring, or the wide array of perfumes and creams that make their skin so vividly addictive.. Maybe it is their sexy portugues accent or their politically and culturally conscious conversations..

Damn! What the fuck is wrong with this writer? Let's get back to money, hoes, fame and gangsta shit. This blog post is about HIPHOP – portuguese hiphop, that is: not some cheesy stuff, where one idiot tries to be romantic.
Before moving to the introduction of portuguese hiphop´s history, Babels would like to teach few words for potential rappers.. Consider it aulas portuguesas.

To rhyme – rimar

( this is the activity that gets rappers money, fame and bii.. It does not need musical skill, since sometimes some cheesy rnb singer can save the day)

battle - batalha
( this is the activity, what all the angry rappers who have not had sex, fame or money do to express their anger and show their talent. The goal is to win the battle with rhymes, beat the opponent with punchlines. Usually they tend to address opponents mothers, fathers and lame rapping skills. )

Chorus – refrºao

This is the part of the song, what rappers usually do not master. Since rappers are not so sexy and beautiful, it is the place to put nice looking lads to sing. ( so it looks better on videos, as well) While all the cheesy Chris Browns and Rnb singers are singing about their forever lost lovers, heartaches and sexy girls, rappers have to squeeze their balls, to make their voices more high.

Now moving on to our guests. We had in our show Moises Regalado,  who is currently studying History at the University of Coimbra. When it comes to Moises, he has done  hiphop show Suburbano in RUC. On his free-time, he can listen, rap, freestyle or write raps for 24/7. This is not exaggeration, since this post´s author lives in the same house and listens 24/7 boombap sounds coming from Moises's room. For some reason, there is always coming some herby smell from the room, where this great senhor is living. Babel Radio show is more than sure that MC HAKA – that is Moises´s artist name - is boiling tea there, just to calm down from the long working hours of a rapper.

MC Haka is a Mc from Aveiro. Mc Haka is not a battle rapper, since he is not angry, since he has swag, ladies and groupies. MC Haka is part of AVC crew, readers can freely check their stuff and even download it at:

We played his song Mandarim in our show, but we also recommend song:

Carlos Braz is a programme coordinator of RUC´s hiphop show  Suburbano. Also he is a PR of RUC. For a stranger, especially Estonian one, Carlos might look like Afroman – since he is wearing afro and can sing. But since he is against weed smoking and does not have an ugly face, he could never be a Afroman! When it comes to Carlos, he is more than happy to teach Angolan dances to those interested in. However, if nobody is interested, he dances with his girlfriend or in the corridors of RUC. Suburbano goes on air ON RUC OF COURSE, every tuesday, thursday at 20. 00.

Last but not least is Daniel Abreu, very chill, cool and relaxed gentleman, who looks like Snoop Dogg, with his curly hair, sun glasses and heureka, heureka „ Snoop Dogg´s T-shirt“ This wonderful gentleman is doing Sampleecious on RUC, show about sampling on RUC every Tueday at 13.00..

Babel Radio Show wants to officially thank those people for taking part!

The show also mentioned the best producer, rapper and beat maker in portuguese hiphop. His name is Sam the Kid. When our guests mentioned the best albums of portuguese hiphop, three of his albums were mentioned.

One of them was Sobretudo, second Practica(mente) and the last one, instrumental album called Beatz vol. 1: Amor. This album is considered the best instrumental hiphop album in Portugal. The reason lies its personal approach, where Sam the Kid uses samples and recordings from his family. It tells a love story. This album is a true, meaningful journey through portuguese history and all Sam the Kid´s struggle/ problems associated with that time.

All those albums should be listened by the listeners and readers to get to know true talent of Sam The Kid. As MC Haka said in the show, „ Sam the Kid´s level is international.

This might be the reason why Sam the Kid has an collaboration with American great hiphop artist Afu-Ra.

Check the song at:


When it comes to other artists, Babel Radio Show, MC Haka, Carlos Braz and Daniel Abreu recommend Regula, Nerve, Valete, Orelha Negra and Mundo.

A brief historical background. Hiphop in Portugal, or as they say here - hiphop Tuga - started in 1980s. The main influence came from American rappers and ghetto movies from that time. The birthplaces of Tuga Hiphop were Porto and Lisboa, more specifically areas like Massama, Cacem, Vila Nova de Gaia( Here one can wonder, how much the vinho porto influenced the rappers, since it is an historical wine area), Maia and Margem Sul Do Tejo.
The first national, official movement was in 1994 by guy named José Mariño who did a radio programme „ Novo Rap Jovem“ in a radio station „ Radio Energia“.

The first rap album was a combilation album called „ Rapublica“. It had a song by Black Company – Nadal, which went national all over portuguese radios. This was the first success of Portuguese rap. This was the reason why Sam the Kid, Regula and many other modern day artist could rap their way to the top..

Babel Radio Show wishes you boa noite and recommends listening one of this classic..


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