Salão Brazil - what is this machine and can I see it?

Windows and musicians gathering souls in Salão Brazil..

How to describe the unique place that touches your soul and caresses your ears from the very first moment you step inside the venue? In the middle of Coimbra´s old town there is oasis for a quality music lover. The place is called Salao Brazil and it’s rhythm envelopes you totally when you step up it’s huge stairs. In the old times the magnificent hall used to be restaurant, but now one can see people having good time with the sound of jazz music. But not only jazz, the club is opened to different styles.

The magic starts from the balcony of the place. As the listeners could go on a miracoulous journey with our star reporter Lauri Lõo, steps ticking like our years, the same goes with potential writers. Sitting there in the tranquil balcony, hearing outside the soothing fountain, while looking at the hairy, wine-faced musicians discussing about local music scene, writers come to realization that, next to those jolly discussions, clinking of wine glasses, shared souls and cigarettes, a person can change the world.

Writers look at those beautiful, soulful people and understand that the biggest knowledge of humankind is the fact that you can start with one word and change the world
While the musicians are jamming downstairs, their talent spreading out of wide windows to the streets of Coimbra, all the fado singers gathering same time in front of Santa Cruz cafe, a writer picks its first words... Somewhere there are lovers, their kisses hidden behind black Harry Potter capas, somewhere are poems lit, looking escape to the night, like silently, forever-burning incense fire.

 Those people could jam for lonely and happy souls!
When listening to the jammings, reminiscences his past time lovers, their smooth voice, drunk arguments and lipstick tattoos on mirror, one might want to write one cheesy poem:

Do you want to stay
vagabund in Cosmos
and pick stars?

If I could lend you
with my cigarette
my soul
would you thank me with obrigado
or consider
me stupid
for giving free stuff?

 Blond Czech cuties win the corridor. Greeting new musicmen and -women, who  seek  escapism from ordinary, everyday mundane life. They smile to you forever, they make your true colors become apparent, they greet our star reporter Lauri Lõo to take us on a journey.

The journey is orchestrated by the chill, foggy looking musicians, who after smoking a cigarette, loose themselves with guitars, pianos and drums and microphone. Lauri takes out the recorder, while the singers` goes bonkers and the everyday ordiness swims out of those large windows.

WE ARE ALL MAD HERE, one might scream, when jazz artist, rocka-funka-billies, hippies and soul-sinners jam and sing. Somewhere there is paradise, somewhere poems to be written, women to be loved and memories to be forgotten. Somewhere there is passion. Somewhere is JACC record label, Salao Brazil´s own baby, true Christmas child.
When it comes to JACC record label, one needs to know that it is 3 years old and has released already 20 albums. It is a platform for talented local musicians. They are independent, forever autonomous, fighting for the right cause.

So when a music man catches the album of Ogre, talented portuguese young musicians collaborating with Maria João, the virtuouso, goddess of Portuguese jazz, he/she is definitely granted an experience of a lifetime.

Maria carries the listeners on the paradisiac electronical rhythms to the seven lands and seas, silently whispering us world secrets we tend to forget.. Let´s forget ourselves into this beautiful world.. Que voz! Que voz!

The album is called Electrodomestico.. and has the work of such talented artists as João Farinha Júlio Resende Joel Silva André Nascimento.

Check one of the song from the album at:

Babel Radio show also recommends the album of Ricardo A. Freitas, portuguese bassist, who has an album IntErLuNio – L´ ennui riot. It is composed with Eduarda Lala, trombone, Johannes Krieger trompete, Raimund Engelhardt, table and percussion, Gonçalo Lopes, clarinet and soprano.

This album is mellow, soul-searching material, a guide to inner soul to find peace, happiness and love. Just forget everything, my dear, weary soul and abandon your everyday struggle with independent sounds..


The final album of the JACC record label that Babels would like to promote is Elisa Rodriguez - Heart Mouth dialogues. We do not know whether we like only her music, or we are in love with her beauty. Maybe it is both. But definitely because of her, the writer wants to come down from the balcony to hear this goddess sing. Because of her, a writer might realize again that with one word you can change the world.

While the pianist taps away our everyday struggle, forgotten dreams and evil souls, small, cute, fragile looking woman gathers her power. There is nothing left anymore, no houses, people, dreams and positivity. One can feel lack of love, drop-dead solutions and look solitude from long, lonely walks. Somewhere mirrors the long face of dead soul, who strolls past Jardim de Manga.

Check Elisa singing:

And when the final cords of this goddess are gone, the world becomes still, silent, forever-lonely. There are nothing left than words, there is a lonely writer and quest to write himself happy.. He lids a cigarette and starts:

My blood is full of words
it drops straight from God´s winebottles
with utter soul

We all have dreams and Babel Radio Show knows that Salªo Brazil has them as well. We do not know excatly what their dream is – maybe to be great! But we know that el Maestro, Ze Miguel, the visionary of this place do dreams and believes in them. 

             We guess Ze Miguel dreams and makes music at the same time - multitasking, that is!

 We are more than sure that the portuguese ( and international) greatness will be in this place, on the records and in lovely jazz magazine. Great words for the love of jazz.

Check the magazine at:

And Babel Radio Show has a dream to sing there as well! Let´s pray to the gods and lands of possibillities to make it happen!

Our gratitude goes to Salao Brazil, Ze Miguel, Martina Pospisilova, Stepanka for her machines, Lauri for his amazing reportage, Ze Paus, Zoe Malmendier for the pictures, Tcheka for amazing live, Antonio for introducing the musicians!

A writer finishes writing..
the world become still..
Elisa whispers..

Listen to the show at:


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