The Legend of Nazaré  has it that on the early morning of September 14, 1182, Dom Fuas Roupinho was out hunting near the coast. Usually Nazare is considered a surfing paradise due to its crazy waves. But at that time surfboards did not exista and anyway Dom Fuas Roupinho hated to be mainstream. He went hunting, cause he wanted to shoot someone. He could not shoot his wife. Soon he saw a deer and he took his horse to chase him. All of a sudden a heavy fog rose up from the sea. The deer ran towards the edge of a cliff and Dom Fuas in the midst of the fog was cut off. But he kept riding his horse, since he was stupid and wanted to shoot someone. He passed a small grotto where a statue of Our Lady with the Enfant was venerated. Then he realized that horse is galloping towards edge of the clip and soon they are going to die. Thus he prayed out loud Our Lady, Help Me. All of a sudden the horse miraculously stopped at the end of a rocky point suspended over the void, the Bico do Milagre (Point of the Miracle), thus saving the rider and his mount from a drop of more than 100 metres, that would certainly caused their death.


Since Dom Fuas did not believe that horses have brains themselves and actually do stop on their own, when they see a cliff ahead of them, he went to the same grotto. He prayed there and thanked the god for the miracle. He also built a chapel there, so the people who went there to shoot dears in the fog, while being on the crazy galloping horses, could see miracles and pray to gods before reaching the cliff edges.

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