In Coimbra, Across the river stands the great white convent of Santa Clara, "once the glory of Coimbra and the cloister of Queens," but now used as a factory. Lower down are the ruins of another convent, in which the Porta de Rosa recalls the pretty legend of the miracle of the roses. St. Elizabeth, the wife of King Diniz, spent all her time and money in ministering to the poor, till at length her husband remonstrated with her and forbade her to continue her good works. King Diniz could not stand the poor people, he was like a ancient Paris Hilton, who thought that all the poor people are real pain in the ass. King Diniz did not mind that queen and the people got angry at him. He had built portuguese first university, had written over 100 trobadour songs; also had many sexy university students giving him brain and also had the queen, who only let her do it missionary. So when the king forbade queen her humanitarian activities, Sain Elizabeth hated herself for marrying this asshole, when she was only 10-years old.

The Queen was very unhappy; she was loath to disobey, but her kind heart bled for the hungry women and little children who would look in vain for her coming. Elizabeth did not like Paris Hilton and Dom Dinis at the same time. Since Elizabeth knew that Dom Dinis would not kill her, if she would disobey ( ´cause she had told her parents to start rumours after her death that Dom Dinis was impotent and somehow Dinis knew this threat), she decided to help the poor people again.

One day she sallied out with a basketful of bread on her arm. As she was passing through a doorway, she meet the King. The King wanted to make love, but Elizabeth refused. She was on her period. After that, the king saw that Elizabeth was carrying a basket. The spirit of Paris Hilton took over of D. Diniz.

"What have you there?" cried he in anger.
"Roses," faltered the trembling Queen, not daring to tell the truth.
"Let me see them!" thundered the King, lifting the cover of the basket to the good St. Elizabeth's joy and wonder, it was full of beautiful roses.
So the bread was turned into bread by miracle and Elizabeth could continue to help the poor. D. Diniz continued to be a poet and womanizer. Both spirits – Paris Hilton and D. Diniz – still hate the poor.
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